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She's no professional torn paper artist - and there's no need to be one before you enjoy the craft. It's just something about the way colors meld together, the perfectly imperfect edges, the sound of the paper fibers tearing - the process of making a torn paper artpiece is as satisfying as seeing the end result. We are obsessed with designing and curating the papers and supplies in our Strip Club boxes and we hope they make your heart happy too. Let's get tearing! 

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People talking about Strip Club

"So relaxing and I love all of the colors and patterns of the papers. I prefer the months where the projects are more useful. The birds were incredible!"

Pamela B.

"This box was so fun! I had a couple questions for the seller, and a different situation wanting to order for a group activity. The customer service were amazing and easy to work with. The boxes arrived beautifully packaged, with so much in them. Lots of gorgeous paper options, plenty of forms to work with, and quality extras. My group all had a blast ripping and the end results were all stunning." 


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