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Night Light Scenes

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Night Light Scenes

Make 3 unique torn paper art night light scenes on acrylic sheets. Includes one nightlight base, two bulbs (clear & sleep friendly red) plus mounts for each so you can interchange your three art pieces as desired. Get an introduction to using tear guides with Strip Club's wavy ruler and water pen.

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Tool Kit Option

Night Light Scenes with Toolkit

With the addition of the Tool Kit, you'll be sure to have everything you need on hand to make your torn paper art pieces.

Your FIRST Tool Kit will include:

>Parchment paper work surface

>Our favorite industrial strength permanent glue stick 

>Sharp precision tip scissors - make trimming the paper layers around your artwork a breeze

>Hobby knife with non-slip handle - alternative to scissors & especially good for cutting tight spots where scissors might struggle

>A5 size double-sided cutting mat - to protect your work area when using the hobby knife

>Assortment of mounting tabs and

>Zipper pouch to hold everything - with zipper pull and themed charm.

FUTURE MONTH Tool Kit replenishments may include:

>Fresh parchment worksurface

>A new industrial strength permanent glue stick

>Replacement hobby knife blade

>Assorted mounting options

>Special crafting tools to compliment monthly box

>A new charm for your zipper-pull to commemorate your fun!

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